5 Things To Do in Natal - Brazil

Beach Buggy Tours

A beach buggy tour is obligatory when staying near Natal, Brazil which is famous for their large sandy dunes landscape nearby the coastline. You have a choice between "Emotional" for the adrenaline seekers or "No Emotion" for the more relaxing scenic experience.  There are two different routes but we suggest the North coast ride as being the more majestic and less hampered from development. The Genipabu and Pitangui dunes are amazing to see and lunch breaks at cozy beachfront restaurants like Naf Naf Jacuma are a great experience.

Snorkeling at Maracajau Beach

This is another recommended half-day activity which can easily be done with the whole family, as there are no age restrictions. The reefs are located off the coastline so a quick 5-10min boat ride is needed to a platform out in the sea. Here you can find various types of fish, lobsters and other sea life living on the reefs and ocean beds. 

Ponta Negra Beach

The main beach of Natal city and where lots of action is during the day and night with many restaurants, hotels and bars. This urban beach is a beautiful coconut lined bay with the iconic beachfront "Morro de Careca" hill as the beach's postmark. This lively place is where all types of people meet from families, surfers, tourists and even the eccentrics. The best nightlife in Natal is found here too.

Kitesurfing in Sao Miguel do Gostoso

The best kitesurf hotspot is in the cozy coastal town of Sao Miguel do Gostoso which lies North of the city of Natal. Several kitesurf competitions have been held there and the town has a small community of B&B's, restaurants and bars to cater for this specific market. However, the majority of the coastline in Natal is suitable for kitesurfing has there is always a constant sea breeze all year round. If you are a kitesurfer, then the coastline of Rio Grande do Norte state will be your Valhalla.

The many faces of Pipa

Pipa is a very popular beach destination to the south of Natal city which is known for its red cliffs and wonderful beaches. This town has grown as the second main tourist destination after Ponta Negra beach in Natal city. It was originally popular by surfers and this surf vibe is now mixed with varied influences from tourists and residents around the world. Some very good restaurants, accommodations and the nightlife is booming during weekends or in local holiday season. If you go to Dolphin's beach you will have a good chance to see and swim with wild dolphins as they are frequently spotted in this bay.