Included in Rates

The following services are included in the rental rates:

  • On-premise housemaid services. This includes cleaning and changing of towels and bed linen.

  • Breakfast between 8 - 10 am

  • Pool maintenance and discreet on-premise security.

  • A complimentary welcome food package, upon arrival.

Medical doctors for all related health issues, yoga, therapeutic massages and other healthcare services are a call away and available to come to the house to attend.

Medical Services


We offer two types of cooking services; from our in-house cook or from a well respected international gourmet chef. Pricing for the gourmet chef services are based on each special request, whilst the rates for our in-house cook are:

  • 50 USD (150 BRL) per day for 2 meals per day - valid between 1 - 6 people

  • An additional 50 BRL per day will be charged for groups of 7 - 10 people

Rates exclude food ingredient costs and amounts are paid directly to the staff.

Airport Shuttle

If you are renting a car, our licensed staff member will meet you at the airport to show you the way to the villa, free of charge. If you need an airport shuttle service to and from Casa Monte Belo, we can provide this for the following rates:

  • 80 USD (250 BRL) / one way (up to 4 people)

  • 160 USD (500 BR) / one way (up to 10 people)

Amounts are paid directly to the responsible staff member.


Grocery runs can be provided by the staff with a 24 hour notice beforehand. The rates for this service are:

  • 80 USD (BRL 250) / per trip. For larger supermarket runs in Natal which includes transport costs and service fees.

  • 15 USD (BRL 50) / per trip. For local grocery shopping in nearby beach village which includes transport and service fees.

Rates exclude grocery ingredient costs and amounts are paid directly to staff member.

Additional Services

Extra services for washing and ironing of clothing, massages and beauty care services are also available.

  • Washing and ironing of clothing available upon request and paid directly to staff.

  • On-premise massage, pedicure and manicure services can be arranged by staff, on request.


The Casa Monte Belo Team At Your Service

Inacio (Driver) | Mari (Cook) | Nildo (Maintenance)